Macaulay Culkin is evolving before our eyes. The cherubic boy face is transforming — as if by magic. No — we’re getting ahead of ourselves. He’s just doing what is natural — growing up. But how hard is it for us to swallow a maturing Culkin?

Mac won us over when he stormed the spotlight and stole our hearts as Kevin Macallister in Home Alone–the movie that catapulted him into instant celebrity and fame.

Brace yourself. Our newly modified Mac is redefining himself, taking on very grown-up roles–like Michael Alig–notorious club kid of New York ‘Nineties fame with a penchant for designer drugs and a taste for self destruction.

If you can just get beyond his molten puppy dog eyes and infinitely puckered-for-kissing lips, you’re ready to take on the challenge of taking Culkin seriously. Think about it – he was a famous child actor who achieved instant fame at a very early age, had some issues with his parents involvement with his money, got married (and divorced) at a very early age–but the kicker is–he did all this yet managed to avoid spiraling into any form of drug dependency or having a tabloid TV show bare any skeletons from his closet.

We consider this a triumph. He’s just hunky dory, as far as we’re concerned. Watch Mac go. We’re pretty confident this is part two of a beautiful career.