Hair Transplant: Are You A Candidate?   

Best age for hair transplant

Is your hairline starting to get your attention? Is it getting the best of you? Well, if you start to feel frustrated about looking at your thinning hair, why not do something about it. Get a زراعة الشعر .

Hair transplantation is not a common hair problem remedy that most people will common go for without trying natural remedies first. And, even if you do decide to get one, you are still up for a consult if you are truly a good or poor candidate.

So what makes you a candidate?

There are a few things to consider about undergoing this type of hair restoration. First of all, you need to be fully decided and not have second doubts about it during the process because it will take you more than one sitting to have the work done, unless the coverage is only small. There might be a possibility that you will stop in the middle of the restoration which is a waste of your resources and time.



Next is, you have to let a professional assess your hair problem first. Is your hair loss caused by genetic alopecia or is it because of other influencing factors because with the former reason, some surgeons will not recommend doing the transplant. It is because even though the doctor will be resecting a part of your scalp to cover another part or getting healthy follicles to plant on the balding part, there would still be a big possibility that the outcome is very minimal. Genetic complications like alopecia will eventually get in the way of your hair growth, thus causing the same hair fall problems than before.

Finally, you have to have money to do the transplant. It is not enough to say that you will do it because the sight of your head keeps on frustrating you. Nothing comes for free with this kind of hair intervention.