In the gameplay, it is a point credited to the player for every rank match winnings.

Platinum Lol – League Points Every Player Needs To Understand


Your LP increases and decreases every time you win and lose respectively. In a case you’re in a platinum lol or above tier, LP is also subject to decrease for being inactive or hasn’t played any ranked game for several days. Playing the game within the required days will avoid the penalty in Master tier, Grandmaster tier, and Challenger tier.


How many points will be deducted from me for being inactive?

  • Platinum tier usually has a penalty of 35, the penalty for a Diamond tier is 50, and the Master tier and Challenger tier is both 250 points. Not like in LP, your MMR doesn’t change even if you don’t play.
  • League points differ by the way you win or lose per game. This is determined by the MMR which were previously mentioned. In a sense, in case of a win, you will receive more LP if your team’s combined MMR is lesser than your opponent. And you can receive less LPIf your team’s MMR is greater than your enemies. And the same applies to lose LP.
  • Sad to say, we can’t identify how many your points as the game computation is unidentified. Given that the formula is known, without knowing everyone’s MMR would be worthless. We can only have to know is the skill level your teams have and how will they par to the opponent’s team.


Losing points for dodging games

If in some cases you can see that you will lose the game, then it is better to dodge that game. Dodging is one effective way for players to lose, although you will lose some LP, the MMR will not be affected. In your first dodge of a game, you’ll be deducted 3 points of LP, and for any succeeding game, 10 LP will lose. Bear in mind to only used it when it’s really necessary because those penalties quickly build up.