Meditation has been closely tied to getting better health.

The Benefits of the Different Types of Meditation


Meditation has been a way to calm the mind and soul since ancient times. It has also been said that one reaches the stage of enlightenment with the help of meditation. Many people do different types of meditation for various reasons and here are some:




When artists hit a roadblock, they try to get inspiration from different sources, and some result to meditation.


Masahiro Kikuno, a Japanese watchmaker, hailed to be a genius of his generation seeks inspiration by meditation before he undertakes a project. He visits the Meigetsu-in Temple in Kamakura Japan to meditate for inspiration and enlightenment.


Better Health

Since ancient times, many medical practitioners incorporate the use of meditation to quicken healing processes. It assists with the circulation of the inner energy, which many call ‘Chi’, which strengthens the afflicted organ or appendage.


In addition, meditation is closely tied to yoga, which many people practice to get better health. It has even been said that Yogis (yoga practitioners) have been able to control almost every muscle in their body with practice and intense meditation.



Slightly different from inspiration, many people meditate in order to receive guidance from the universe. This is closely depicted in many martial arts movies and the protagonist is told by his master to meditate and seek the answer within.

However, this is not just filmography or mysticism. There have been many stories of people searching for their purpose in life and have found them with the aid of meditation.


As meditation goes, many applications and types of meditation have been beneficial to different people regardless of what they are doing it for. It just takes a lot of patience and concentration in order for it to be called actual or proper meditation to garner results.